Dogtown Vancouver’s Adoption Chapter: Annie


Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver’s Adoption Chapter is Annie, from Home At Last Dog Rescue. Here’s what they had to say about her…

NAME: Annie.
BREED: Treeing Walker Coonhound.
OTHER INFO: Annie is a 5 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound – a rare breed of hound which descends from the English and American Foxhound. Do you love outdoor adventures? Annie comes from a long line of hunters excelling in endurance, treeing ability and with a developed desire to perform. Happily showing off her impeccable ability to obey commands for treats Annie is a smart, hardworking pup. Her guilty pleasure is following her nose – it’s best if Annie stays on a leash in un-fenced areas. She’s in good health and loves cats, dogs, kids and everything in between!

Are you the Warbucks to this orphan Annie? Click here! 

Annie Annie1 Annie2

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