Burnaby is Reinventing the Bottle Return



On February 28th, the Kensington Return-It Centre in Burnaby will introduce a brand new, high-tech bottle deposit machine that will allow you to return all of your bottle deposits in one step.

TOMRAThe “reverse vending machine” uses 360-degree recognition technology to identify and sort containers; all you have to do is dump them in. The machine can accept up to 45 containers per minute and is twice as fast as conventional bottle return machines. Time is money after all…

Perhaps even more important than the slick new technological overhaul is that the TOMRA machine will accept more types of containers than previously possible. In fact, it will accept containers of any material with a diameter of less than 136mm.

If there’s a corner of your house that’s brimming with haphazardly stacked glass and plastic containers, you may want to attend the grand unveiling and demonstration at 1:00pm on February 28th at the Kensington Return-It Centre in Burnaby (6158 Hastings Street). Depositing is no longer a hassle, so you might as well make a few bucks!