25 Cafes That Coffee Aficionados Will LOVE


Coffee is a very important thing. It’s fuel, it’s a momentary reprieve from the stress of daily life and it’s an absolute necessity for some of us. That’s why it’s okay to be a bit picky about the consistency of your crema or the bitterness of your bean. If you take your caffeine seriously, be sure to check out these spots:

1. The Birds & The Beets

2. Greenhorn Cafe

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3. Elysian Coffee

4. Nelson the Seagull

5. Propaganda Coffee

6. Kafka’s Coffee and Tea

7. Timbertrain Coffee

8. The Paper Crane

Paper Crane Cafe9. Matchstick Coffee

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10. Liberty Bakery & Cafe

11. Bows x Arrows Cafe

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12. Prado

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13. 49th Parallel

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14. The Only Cafe

15. Cafe Orso 

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16. Le Marché St. George

17. Musette Caffè

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18. East Van Roasters

19. Platform 7

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20. Bump n Grind

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21. Crema West Vancouver

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22. Basho Cafe

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23. Nemesis Coffee

24. Rocanini Coffee Roasters

25. Revolver Coffee

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