The Enlightened Nerd: Vancouver Photo Book Fair


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Photo Courtesy of Pexels

Do you love photography? Do you love books? Capture Photography Festival and the Vancouver Art Book Fair are combining the two mediums at the Vancouver Photo Book Fair this month.

The Vancouver Photo Book Fair is part of Capture Photography Festival’s month-long and city-wide initiative that focuses on exhibiting the inspiring, the emerging, and the challenging work of local and international artists, collectives and publishers. The festival celebrates photography as an art and the visual communication and public discussion that this lens-based skill incites.

The Vancouver Photo Book Fair takes place on April 21st – 23rd and is free and open to the public. The fair will have tons of exhibitors like Geist Magazine, Atelier Éditions, Hotam Press, Paper Safe, Print Ready and Zine Club.

The photo book fair will also feature offsite talks and workshops on photography and publishing at the James Black Gallery like “Let’s Photo Zine.” This ‘zine workshop is led by Vancouver-based artist Julia Dahee Hong. The introductory session will have students bring their own photographs and put together their own zines using book-making techniques. There will also be talks led by artists like “Jeff Khonsary: When Is a Photobook Not a Photo Book.” Jeff Khonsary is a Los Angeles–based editor, curator, and designer and he will be assessing the photobook genre and its evolution.

Let’s take a break from our screens and the “photography” we see on social media and celebrate print medium, photography’s earliest form of distribution.

The Fair:
April 21st 7 – 10PM (Members Preview)
April 22nd and 23rd, 2017 11 – 6PM
Western Front (303 E 9th Avenue, Vancouver)

Talks and Workshops:
April 22nd and 23rd 10 – 4PM
James Black Gallery (144 East 6th Avenue, Vancouver)