16 Photos of Vancouver’s Most Beautiful Sushi


From the controversial origins of the California Roll to the locally loved BC Roll, our sushi history runs deep. It’s delicious, it’s beautiful and it’s everywhere! Here are some of our favourite shots of Vancouver’s most beloved cuisine.

1. Saba Nigiri

2. Aburi Sushi

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3. Salmon Oshi

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4. Maaji with Plum Miso, Shiso Flower and White Sesame

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5. Inari Filled with Spicy Tuna

6. Toro Kobujime, Salmon Oshi, “Fancy Roll”

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7. Snapper Sashimi

8. Ika, Saba, and Ikura Nigiri

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9. Aburi Combo

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10. Hamachi

11. Dragon roll

12. Crispy Avocado Roll and Double Spicy Tuna Roll

13. Torched Toro

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14. Uni Nigiri

15. Renkodai, Aji, Red Tuna, Tako Nigiri

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16. Salmon and Citrus