ROVE Interview: Jenn Brisson on Other-Worldly Characters


In the lead up to ROVE (the Mount Pleasant art walk coming up on May 26th), we are going to introduce to you to some of the artists, galleries and curated spaces that will be taking part!

Today we are excited to share that artist Jenn Brisson will be opening her space at Mainspace Gallery (350 East 2nd Ave) to ROVE! Get to know Jenn better in this interview:

Describe your work in a few sentences? 

My paintings showcase other-worldly and curious characters that rule in far away places, living upon textured backgrounds. They will draw you in with their hypnotic eyes, soft contours and calming colours, hoping to enchant you to dream of other places where magic still exists. Influenced by fauna, flora, bugs and childhood monsters, all these elements seem to exist harmoniously in the dimension that lies in my mind.

What can rovers expect when visiting your location?

I am currently working on a solo project called “The Becoming”. In these paintings, I will be sharing difficult, ecstatic and sometimes embarrassing moments of my life and the transformations that took place. This is an ongoing project that might take a life time to complete. However, at this Rove, you can expect to see works from this series focussing mostly on the awkward transformations and confused emotions a young girl might experience on that “special” day she becomes a woman, receiving Nature’s gift.. her first period.

What is the best thing about being an artist?

The best thing about being an artist is that I can dress and act weird and no one questions it.

What is your dream piece of art to own and why?

I would love to own a piece of art by Frida Kahlo. I really admire her, not just as an artist, but as a person! I got the opportunity model as her for a Dr Sketchy’s class and I really resonated with her energy. To have a piece of her art in my home, that I can look at every day, it would give me the strength I need to push through those days I doubt myself, not just as an artist, but as a human being.


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