5 Questions with an Award Winning Eco-Fashion Entrepreneur

Interview by Vancouver Design Week.


To celebrate the return of Vancouver Design Week(end), we’ve partnered with V.I.A. to highlight some of the outstanding creative minds currently working in Vancouver.

Nicole Bridger was the first Canadian to win the international Eco-Designer of the Year award from Fashion Takes action in 2010, but she has long been on the forefront of innovative design in Vancouver. We are so excited to have her supporting Vancouver Design Week(end) this year. Check out her thoughts on design below:

1. Design is / design can _______?

NB: Design is inspiration in physical form.

2. Why does it matter?

NB: Creation is an inherent human need. We can lose sight of it’s importance as we exist in the constructs of modern society.

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3. What differentiates Vancouver design (from the rest of the world)?

NB: Vancouverites appreciate intelligent design. Design that is useful, beautiful in a more natural way, simple, sustainable and made well.

4. What impact is (Vancouver) design having?

NB: We do not have old traditions of industry like other countries. It liberates us to create whatever we want. Therefore being able to lead in innovative design.

5. What design impacts are you most proud of / what impact potential are you most excited about?

NB: Showing that it’s possible to have an elegant, well-made product that is made ethically and sustainably. I’d like this to become the norm for all business models.

Vancouver Design Week(end) runs from May 12 – 14. Events include open studios, tastings, behind the scenes tours of the city’s stand out architectural spaces and more. If you’re a local designer, design organization or simply a design-minded thinker, you can get involved by visiting vancouverdesignwk.com