5 Questions With a Photographer and “Assembly Space” Creative

Written by Vancouver Design Week(end).


To celebrate the return of Vancouver Design Week(end), we’ve partnered with V.I.A. to highlight some of the outstanding creative minds currently working in Vancouver.

Derek Dix is a photographer and the founder and manager of the studio space colder°, and has been involved with many forms of design, video and photography. His passion lies in the process of using mediums to communicate succinctly and we are honoured to have him and colder° among our Open Studio spaces during Vancouver Design Week(end). Come by and visit!

1. Design is / design can _______?

DD: Design is, and should always be a form of clear communication. Whether it be typography, photography, logos or iconography or even fine art for that matter, there are visual cues about the message and feeling behind it.

2. Why does it matter?

DD: Design matters because the goal is to simplify the messages to be communicated. It is a vessel that message the most efficient way and then be digested by the viewer. I mentioned fine art above and that can be a bit muddy, but even if your message as the artist is about them struggling to communicate in that realm, it is still a message.

3. What differentiates Vancouver design (from the rest of the world)?

DD: Design based in Vancouver differentiates from the rest of the world I think due to our location having an influence on how people work and shape their days, weeks, seasons and years. We also are a very young city in a young country. This gives Vancouver the ability to grow and flex. Growing up here I find the outdoors an incredibly heavy influence on my thought patterns and thinking. While that is me as an individual, it is visible in many of the brands that are founded here as well.

4. What impact is (Vancouver) design having?

DD: Vancouver design, working with many of the brands founded and growing in Vancouver are bringing a great visibility to focus on health, wellness, exercise, and the outdoors. This is a great trend to see rising globally or at least in western culture.

5. What design impacts are you most proud of / what impact potential are you most excited about?

DD: Relating back to health, and being outdoors, I’ve worked in that field and doing some very fun campaigns focusing on getting viewers out to explore and utilize their favorite activities, and in turn returning that joy by putting back into the community. While the focus and locations were all based in British Columbia, it is the shared interest over the activity that helps it apply to a more international audience. Hopefully there can be more projects on the horizon to help people relate to what they do and put back in towards their communities, and also themselves.

Vancouver Design Week(end) runs from May 12 – 14. Events include open studios, tastings, behind the scenes tours of the city’s stand out architectural spaces and more. If you’re a local designer, design organization or simply a design-minded thinker, you can get involved by visiting vancouverdesignwk.com.