This Woodworker Went from Snoop Dogg to Sustainable Furniture


Kyle Miller is a Vancouver Island based woodworker who has already had quite a interesting career. Previously, the third generation woodworker focused on clockworks and designing custom microphones for Grammy artists like T-Pain and Snoop Dogg. Now he’s turned his attention to the natural beauty of the local Pacific Northwest.

“The River Series – Triptychs & Tables” features unique hand-cut glass “rivers” paired with local and sustainable sourced Vancouver and Vancouver Island hardwoods. Inspired by the work of area woodworkers like Fred Carlson and Greg Klassen, Miller worked for over a year to develop the new series.

“Using only woods that were downed by storm or suffered from disease, the River Series exclusively features these salvaged and premium materials in order to completely reduce the need to chop down any healthy trees or buy any material that is not extremely local”, says Miller. “Each piece begins with a salvaged tree, a tree faller, a crane, a flat bed, and a mill.”

You can order your own cutting board, panel or table by contributing to Miller’s Kickstarter campaign HERE.