25 Things Vancouverites Look Forward to Every Summer


It’s finally here. Warm weather, oceans dips and sunsets that look like watercolour paintings. Summer is a spectacular time to be living in Vancouver. Here’s what we’re most excited about.

1. Enjoying the beach

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2. Hanging out on the Vancouver Art gallery steps

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3. Patio season

4. Outdoor music festivals

5. Starting and immediately regretting doing the Grouse Grind

6. Eating ice cream

7. Taking a hike

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8. Finding a hidden swimming hole or waterfall

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9. Cruising up the sea-to-sky to Squamish, Whistler or Pemberton

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10. Riding, walking or jogging the seawall

11. Using the city’s bike share programs

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12. Outdoor movies

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13. Food Trucks

14. Walking through Stanley Park

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15. Camping

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16. Eating at the Richmond Night Market

17. Park life

18. Cooling down at a waterpark or public pool

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19. Café hangs

20. Taking in a sunset

21. Summer beers

22. Farmers Markets

23. Perusing Granville Island

24. Getting out of the city

25. Exploring!

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