There’s a volcano 80km from Vancouver


Did you know that there are nearly 200 volcanoes in BC? It’s true. All of them are dormant but there’s one nearby that’s deemed as “potentially active”: Mount Garibaldi, just 80 kilometres from downtown Vancouver! It last erupted nearly 10,000 years ago and isn’t expected to blow any time soon, but give it another few thousand years and the Sea to Sky just might be renamed Lava Road.

Garibaldi is one of many mountains you can spot from Squamish or while driving on the Sea to Sky heading to Whistler. You’ve probably seen it before and just thought “Huh, that’s a beautiful pointy mountain”. Next time think “Huh, that’s a beautiful volcano that might erupt in a few thousand years”.

The area around Mount Garibaldi was turned into a provincial park back in 1927, and there are 90 kilometres of established hiking trails for day trips and overnighters. There are crazy people who climb the peak itself, but it’s not recommended unless you’re a seasoned climber.

Not only are there a ton of trails but there’s also many campsites throughout the park. Learn more about it HERE.

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