6 Refreshing Summer Desserts to Try in Vancouver


It may be #beachbody season, but it’s also time to start enjoying icy cool treats! Eat dessert and feel good doing it with one of these nutritious and refreshing frozen treats.

1. Popsicles from Johnny’s Pops

Handmade artisan popsicles via a bicycle cart! Johnny’s Pops are made from locally sources ingredients and real fruit meaning you’re getting some serious nutrition as you satisfy your sweet tooth. Find out where the cart is HERE.

2. Vegan Ice Cream from Virtuous Pie (583 Main St)

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Virtuous Pie’s ice cream is 100% plant-based and boasts flavours ranging from the nutrient dense turmeric and black pepper to the more indulgent peanut butter cookie dough. Their ice cream is available in pints or scoops and they even offer gluten free waffle cones!

3. Organic Craft Freezies from Tubify

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Tubify makes ethically sourced, small batch freezies from organic whole foods. Their “Coconut Koala Café Latte” includes Salt Spring Coffee and organic coconut cream and is sweetened with cane sugar, while their “Raspberry Raven Lemonade” includes organic raspberries and real lemon juice. Their products are sold all over the country but are made right here in Vancouver.

4. Ice Cream Sandwiches for Mister (1141 Mainland Street)

Yaletown’s Mister makes their ice cream using liquid nitrogen, resulting richer, creamier, denser ice cream that doesn’t require stabilizers or fillers. Their ice cream sandwiches are insanely delicious and each flavour is made with pure, all-natural ingredients. Vegan options are also available.

5. Sorbet from Tangram Creamery (2729 Arbutus St)

Ice cream, coffee and the loveliest vegan sorbet. Sorbet flavours favor seasonal ingredients and fresh fruit and change regularly.

6. Refreshing Flavours at Rooster’s Ice Cream Bar (1039 E Broadway)

Rooster’s is a boutique style ice cream bar in East Vancouver. They offer classic ice cream flavours in addition to their vegan varieties, which are packed with fresh ingredients. Check out their “Blueberry, Raspberry Coconut Swirl” made from coconut milk or their Lime ice cream with roasted organic lavender.