Meet the Face (and Artist) Behind the Laughing Men Sculptures

This and 4 other not-to-miss stories from the Vancouver Courier!


A-maze-ing Laughter is made up of 14 giant smiling bronze men, all featuring artist Yue Minjun’s smiling face. Minjun, who’s based in China, visited the sculptures for the first time in person this week. Read the full story HERE.

Don’t miss on these four other stories from the Vancouver Courier:

1. How Vancouverites can help forest fire victims

While Vancouverites are not under much risk of losing everything to forest fires (although the city does have a fire ban), there are ways residents can help those whose lives, and livelihoods, are in a state of turmoil.

2. Judy Graves eyes Geoff Meggs’ council seat

Let the by-election begin: homeless advocate announces her intention to run for Vancouver council seat.

3. How to eat and drink your way through Deighton Cup

While the annual Deighton Cup event at Hastings Racecourse is famous for its fashion, fascinators and fashionistas, food is also a fascinating part of the day.

4. ‘Brain bolt’ technology saves Vancouver cyclist

How to save a life: after suffering from a major brain injury in a cycling accident, Michael Severloh credits new technology for giving him his life back

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