Sweet Treat #27: Black Waffle Cones at Mister Ice Cream


With all of Vancouver’s cafes, bakeries and restaurants, there’s always a sweet treat around the corner. We’re here to help you discover them all.

Sweet Treat #27: Black Waffle Cones at Mister Ice Cream

Mister Ice Cream is the first place to bring the Black Ice Cream trend to Vancouver! Despite its intense color, this ice cream tastes like rich, summery, creamy coconut. It gets its cool hue from pieces of coconut that have been burnt and then ground into a fine, edible activated charcoal powder. To make things super Instagrammable, Mister Ice Cream has even created a black waffle cone to match! And don’t worry – everyone can get in on this trend, as there’s a delicious vegan version made with coconut milk as well.

Mister Ice Cream is located in Yaletown at 1141 Mainland St.