A Sibling Relationship Challenged by Drug Addiction Finds New Hope


Photo: Jackie Dives.

Jackie Dives is a Vancouver based photographer whose brother, for many years, has struggled with drug addition. He asked her to start taking photographs of him to serve as a visual account of his struggles. For years, Jackie would photograph her brother throughout all stages of his addiction. Ultimately, these photos would serve as both a reminder to him of his path and a way for the two siblings to remain connected.

“This photo series is a way for me to connect with him because I’ve had to create this emotional barrier” Jackie said in an interview “I can still have the barrier, but connect on these photos”. This photo series became ‘The Brother Project” which you can read about and see here.

Photo: Jackie Dives.

Jackie recently submitted “The Brother Project” to a grant program called ‘Passion Passport’, an organization that gives recipients money to travel outside of their home country for the first time. They wanted to use the grant to go to Egypt, to explore and connect with their Egyptian heritage. Jackie’s brother feels as though getting out of his home city, where he is constantly reminded of his past drug would be a welcomed change and new experience. Jackie and her brother were unfortunately not awarded the grant.

Jackie has given more insight to her relationship with her brother on a recently launched crowdfunding campaign that aims to make their dreams of Egypt a reality. Read more and consider donating HERE.


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