5 Things You Didn’t Know About Car-Sharing in Vancouver



Each week we’ll uncover some unusual and (hopefully) interesting facts about the city. This week we take on the largest car share service in the city, car2go. 

1. There’s one place Vancouver car-share drivers really love going

Main Street! Particularly between Broadway and 29th, which makes sense since the neighbourhood is brimming with incredible bars, restaurants, shops and cafes. There have been over 419,728 car2go trips to Mount Pleasant since the car share service first launched, making it the top weekend and evening destination in the city.

That’s not the only thing Vancouverites have in common; most car2go users tune their radio dials to 102.7FM “The Peak”. Guess that means Vancouverites love rocking out in the car.

2. Vancouver is the largest car2go membership city in the world

Not bad for a company that was founded in Europe! There are over 128,000 people with car2go memberships in Vancouver, equating to about 1 in 6 Vancouverites.

3. Vancouverites could have traveled to the moon and back

The total kilometers driven in Vancouver since car2go launched in 2011? 33,558,759! That’s enough to travel to the moon over 80 times.

4. The most trips taken in a single day was…

8,040! Yes, October 31, 2015 was a busy day for Vancouver’s car-sharing community (last minute candy runs maybe?). That’s a small drop in the bucket however compared to the 5,800,000 trips taken in Vancouver since car2go launched. There are over 1,250 vehicles in the city, so there is almost always be a car nearby, ready to take you to your next destination.

5. It’s more affordable than ever

Many Vancouverites turn to car2go for the ease of use and low fees. No paying for a costly monthly parking spot, no maintenance or repairs and way fewer seemingly endless parking spot searches (just find a designated car2go parking zone using the app).

If you’re ready to join, visit car2go.com and use the promo code VAN15 to register for free and receive a $15 account credit.