Gang hangouts targeted by Richmond RCMP



Richmond RCMP officers from the Organized Crime Unit will be partnering with general duty Mounties to conduct proactive gang patrols throughout the city.

The patrols, say police, will be focused on potential areas being frequented in Richmond by gang members.

The initiative is aimed at deterring gangs from using Richmond as a “hangout” or “place to do business.”

As part of the initiative, Richmond RCMP said it will be conducting outreach at locations where the suspected gangsters may be frequenting.

Part of the outreach will include partnering with businesses to assist in deterring gang members and their associates from using Richmond establishments.

“We recognize that no municipality, including Richmond, is immune from the impact of gangs and organized crime,” said Supt. Will Ng.

“As such, we are implementing measures that actively target those individuals associated to these gangs.

“These gang members and their associates show zero regard for the safety of our good citizens.

“As police, our first priority is public safety. To assist in protecting the citizens of Richmond, we will be targeting the local hangouts of gang members and their associates.”

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While injuries to innocent bystanders are, say police, a rare occurrence in Richmond, the RCMP recognizes the potential risk gang members and their associates pose to the public when disputes erupt.

As such, the initiative has been put in place by the RCMP as a “proactive, preventative measure aimed at increasing overall public safety and disrupting the day-to-day movements of gang members and their associates.”

The Richmond RCMP Organized Crime Unit can be reached by calling 604-207-4851.

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