Kid catches insane 200 pound fish in the Fraser River

Alan Campbell - Richmond News


Josh Low hauls ashore his 200-pound, eight-foot sturgeon from the Fraser River. Photo submitted

It was about 3 p.m. and Josh Low had only been fishing for 20 minutes when he felt a couple of little nibbles at the end of his line.

A few seconds later, the 13-year-old was then forced to hold onto his rod for his life after one massive bite nearly had his fishing gear wrenched out of his hands and into the south arm of the Fraser River recently.

Stunned McRoberts secondary student Josh – who has been fishing since he was about five years old – then spent the next 30 minutes fighting to haul an eight-foot, 200-pound sturgeon out of the water on the dyke near No. 3 Road.

Thankfully, there was an adult angler close by to witness the teenager landing the beast. The same man also took some pictures and helped Josh unhook the giant fish before releasing it back into the river.

“I started reeling in as fast as I could and I almost got pulled in myself,” laughed Josh of his big catch on Friday, Sept. 1 while fishing with a one-pound weight.

“But I managed to pull it to the shore myself. I didn’t get a single bite after that!”

Josh, who lives near No. 4 and Francis roads, said he first asked his dad to take him fishing all those years ago after noticing people casting off the dock near the foot of No. 3 Road.

“I really wanted to do it, so my dad started to take me down there,” said Josh, who said fishing is his “favourite thing to do.”

“Now I go down there myself all the time.”

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