Maybe you need this designer earthquake/disaster kit


c/o OkieDokie on IndieGogo

A couple years back we shared what we called “THE BEST MAP OF VANCOUVER EVER“. It was an interesting modernist take on visualizing our city, and it was created by a New York designer named Archie Archambault.

Archie reached out about his latest project this week and I figured you’d probably want a look, considering you likely don’t have a disaster kit but you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BECAUSE AN EARTHQUAKE IS COMING. It’s a new product called the OkieDokie kit and it’s designed to be “the most compact, simplest and most cost-effective solution” to disaster planning. It contains items most recommended by FEMA and the Red Cross, it contains a planning guide and it’s also the most aesthetically pleasing kit I have ever seen. I mean look at this Instagram-friendly photo they’ve released of it. I imagine the entire staff of Dwell magazine will have one of these tucked away in their uber-organized closets after the crowdfunding campaign closes.

c/o OkieDokie on IndieGogo

Archie’s keen eye came together with what he tells me is a “mild panic” over the coming PNW earthquake, and this is what came out the other side. The tagline is IT’S OK TO FREAK OUT A LITTLE. Have a look at the IndieGogo campaign HERE.