RV Dealerships Raise $580,011 for BC Wildfire Relief Over 4 Weeks


c/o Fraserway RV

BC-based RV company The Adventurer Group did something wonderful over the past few weeks: they raised $580,011 to help out families in need after the wildfires this summer.

Taking $1,500 from every single RV sold in BC through their group of companies – Country RV, Fraserway RV and Travelhome RV – as well as portions from the proceeds of their repair shops and rentals, they gave back in a huge way.

I receive a ton of messages in my inbox about corporate giving campaigns and most of the time it appears to be a simple checkbox on the corporate agenda, but this one feels different. This business profits off of people getting out to enjoy the great outdoors in the very forests that burnt down, and you can tell they genuinely care about helping out the communities they service. As someone who has run businesses which give back financially to the community (and in other ways), I’ve got to say that this move goes above and beyond.

The money is going to be given to Canadian Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse Canada, as the owner of Adventure Group, James Epp, has stated their goal is to ensure the funds make “a tangible difference in communities” affected.

Oh, and if you’re in the market for an RV, they’re still running this initiative until September 30th. And no, we weren’t paid to share this.