Vancouver Apple fans started lining up Thursday for iPhone X release


In what is perhaps the most holy union of Vancouver’s love of lining up in advance and Apple’s newest product release, die-hard fans began their wait outside of Pacific Centre on Thursday for the release of the iPhone X.

Line ups started Thursday all over the globe ahead of the anticipated release of Apple’s latest gadget.

This one, however, comes with a pretty shocking price tag: The iPhone X starts in Canada at a retail price of $1319.

“It’s all screen,” touts Apple of its 5.8″ display. In addition to touch and voice, the iPhone X also offers “glance” recognition.

Early this morning in Vancouver there were at least 50 people waiting outside, with Pacific Centre letting small groups in the mall once the store was open.

With enthusiasts eager to be early adopters, it’s not surprising there are lines outside Vancouver’s retailers. (We do love a line!) Of course, the latest iPhone isn’t a priority for many just struggling to find an affordable place to live (or, more cynically, opting to spending their bucks on Avocado Toast).

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