9 of Canada’s 100 richest people are from Vancouver


Show me the money! Okay, fine. Canadian Business has released their annual rankings of the wealthiest individuals and families in Canada, and Vancouverites can claim nearly a tenth of the list for 2018.

You’ll undoubtedly recognize these names and businesses. Families like the Gaglardis and Aquilinis each have over $3 billion of wealth, thanks to their fingers in many of Vancouver’s pies.

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The top Vancouverite on the 2018 rankings, James Pattison of the Jim Pattison Group, comes in with a cool $6.41 billion. Patterson is in the same slot as last year, but has managed to up his bucks from $5.74 billion in 2017.

Also a boost from last year is the fact that no one on the list is worth less than a billion. So, yes, the rich are getting richer, it seems.

Here are the nine richest Vancouverites and where they rank on the list of Canada’s 100 richest people.

  • 10. James Pattison – Jim Pattison Group – $6.41 billion
  • 21.  Gaglardi Family – Northland Properties – $3.92 billion
  • 27. Aquilini family – Aquilini Investment Group – $3.3 billion
  • 30. Lalji Family – Larco Group of Cos. – $3.07 billion
  • 33. Dennis “Chip” Wilson – Lululemon Athletica/KIT & ACE – $2.92 billion
  • 50. Brandt Louie (Burnaby, B.C.) – H.Y. Louie Co. – $2.11 billion
  • 91. Hassan Khosrowshahi – Inwest Investments, DRI Capital – $1.16 billion
  • 98. Caleb & Tom Chan – Burrard International Holdings- $1.07 billion
  • 99. U. Gary Charlwood – Uniglobe Travel International Partnership, Century 21 Canada Partnership – $1.03 billion
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