The Enlightened Nerd: The Bollywood Game Indiegogo


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Think you’re the perfect mix of beauty, brains, and bravado to be a Bollywood star? Find out by playing The Bollywood Game!

The Bollywood Game is a strategic card game where you dance, sing, and fight your way to victory. It’s also an homage to Indian cinema, a genre known for its unexpected turns, massive plot twists, and over-the top-scenes.

The art and design concept of the game, which is both bold and kitschy, is inspired by hand-painted Bollywood posters, as well as Indian matchbox labels. The game itself comes in a VHS-designed box, bringing back the feeling of an analog experience as well as showing what the game is emulated after.

The Bollywood Game was first conceived in 2015, when 3 friends – Alexandre Grilo, Eduardo Longo, Gustavo Bechtold – decided to share their love for Bollywood in a game format. What started as a side project has now enticed the creation of a game studio called Joguinhu, based in Canada and Brazil where they work on different analog gaming projects.

The Bollywood Game is currently seeking funding through Indiegogo. If you’ve ever dreamed of being the hero or heroine of your very own story and love board games, you can support the production of the game here.