Underwater camera captures ridiculous swarms of spawning salmon

With files from Bob Turner - Squamish Chief


Squamish area streamkeeper Bob Turner filmed and edited a pretty great video which he shared this week. In it he takes an underwater camera to the Stawamus River to capture a not-often-seen view of salmon spawning.

The Pink species of salmon start running in the river system around Howe Sound in the late summer and early fall, and the odd years (ie; 2013, 2015, 2017) are when the larger runs come in. Unlike most other species of salmon which have strong runs every 4 years we’re lucky to see these ones come in every 2.

“The pinks are a beautiful, feisty, gregarious bunch, just a pleasure to watch,” Turner said in an email to the Squamish Chief. “This video is part of my ongoing efforts to collect and share the stories of Wild Nature in Howe Sound.