Café launches first Bitcoin ATM in Northern B.C.


It’s estimated that 1 Bitcoin is currently worth $9,800.

Bitcoin, photo courtesy pixabay

In the last eight years, Bitcoin has grown from relative obscurity into a worldwide phenomenon. With reports of the digital currency reaching record highs, the city of Prince Rupert has welcomed its first Bitcoin ATM at local café, Cowpuccino’s Coffee House.

The machine was installed by local day trader Mike Whitford, who was an early investor of Bitcoin. The ATM enables customers to transfer their Canadian currency into additional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcash, Lightcoin and Etherium.

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Cowpuccino’s has a history for being on the forefront of digital trends; in the 1990s, they installed the city’s first public computers with internet accessibility.

B.C. welcomed the world’s first Bitcoin ATM to a Waves Coffee House location back in 2013. According to Coin ATM Trader, there are 47 Bitcoin ATMs currently operating in Vancouver today.

Currently, Cowpuccino’s Coffee House is not accepting Bitcoin as a form of a payment, but that hasn’t stopped customers from grabbing a coffee and transferring a little Bitcoin into their accounts.

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