This is Vancouver’s first zero waste brick-and-mortar grocery store

Vancouver's second favourite type of dispensary just went zero waste.


Living zero waste just got a whole lot easier!

Photo courtesy The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples

This weekend, Mount Pleasant’s super-cute and environmentally conscious soap shop officially became the The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples.

Founded in 2011, The Soap Dispensary was Vancouver’s first dedicated refill shop specializing in premium soaps, household cleaners, personal care products and DIY ingredients.

Moving their focus beyond soap, the expanded brick-and-mortar storefront now carries everything from freshly milled flours and oats to local produce and food products from local vendors. Customers are encouraged to ditch the plastic and bring their own reusable bags and containers, both of which can also be purchased from the store.

In the spirit of “low-impact living”, the shop will continue to carry local, organic and fair-trade ingredients. 50% of their suppliers are locally owned and 75% of their soaps are locally made.

Whether you’re looking to cut chemicals from your cleaning products or simply never want to stuff a plastic grocery bag under your sink again, The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples is making it a lot easier for environmentally conscious shoppers to live that waste-free lifestyle.

The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples is located at 3718 Main St.