Megaphone Magazine is now full of free holiday wrapping paper


Wrap up Hope is back for another holiday season! Find unique, local, holiday wrapping paper designed by homeless and low-income Megaphone magazine vendors FREE with every issue of December’s Megaphone magazine.

Photo courtesy Megaphone Magazine

Each wrapping paper set includes a short profile on the back, which tells the story of the vendors responsible for designing them.

“I guess I can call myself an artist,” says Megaphone vendor Rodney, one of this year’s designers. “It’s been a big part of my life, [expressing myself artistically]. I think getting out into the community and meeting people is something I like to do too.”

Rodney (left) and Richard (right). Photo courtesy Megaphone Magazine

Richard Gerrand, this year’s other designer, has been selling papers since 2007. A man of few words, Richard loves history, sightseeing and being outdoors. “I like to go outside,” he says. “I like going for walks. I walk to Wal-Mart because it’s close by. I am looking at the plants and stuff like that.”

Rodney’s design for Wrap Up Hope.

Every time you purchase Megaphone magazine you create meaningful work for people experiencing poverty. Find a vendor close to you or download the Megaphone App. to find vendors wherever you are. You can also use the app to pay vendors directly.

Richard’s Wrap Up Hope design

Megaphone is a high-quality monthly magazine that offers a fresh, human-centered, and solutions-focused perspective on our communities. Low-income and homeless vendors sell Megaphone Magazine on the streets of Vancouver and Victoria to earn income and build community.