Yolks re-opens for breakfast and brunch at new East Hastings location


After a brief hiatus, Yolks has re-opened on East Hastings in a fresh, new location, just steps from their original one.

Located at 1598 East Hastings, the breakfast and brunch spot has moved out of their cramped quarters and are up and running at the new outpost as of late last week.

We did it! We’re open! #newrestaurant #vancouver #breakfast #brunch #brunchyvr #tiredaf

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Open since December 2013 at their original location, Yolks says they’ve served up nearly 35,000 orders of their famous Chicken and Waffles in the nearly-four years they were there.

It’s a new era, so look for a new Chicken and Waffles dish at this new location, too, alongside their signature sandwiches, Eggs Benny, lemon truffle potatoes, and French Toast.

yolks breakfast vancouver
Yolk’s Breakfast/Facebook

One thing you won’t find, though, is their food truck, which seems to have been decommissioned. The Yolks cart/truck is no longer listed on the Street Food App for Vancouver, and it’s not mentioned on their revamped website. (We’ve reached out to Yolks to confirm, but they have not responded.)

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