Nick’s Spaghetti House to close after over 60 years


The last plates of pasta will be served up at Vancouver’s legendary Nick’s Spaghetti House on December 21. The owners and staff confirmed the venerable Commercial Drive red sauce joint is closing after 62 years in business.

nick's spaghetti house
Roland Tanglao/Flickr

One of the few remaining true “old school” places with red-checkered tablecloths, dim lights, and vinyl booths, Nick’s has been a favourite among locals, and some prominent Vancouverites, for decades.

Nick’s, which is owned by Nick Felicella, began as a coffee shop in 1955 before morphing into the Nick’s we know and love today, with its plates heaped with spaghetti and meatballs.

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Not much has changed over the years at Nick’s, from the decor to the menu, and the restaurant never opted to ditch the handwritten order tickets and bills, or get themselves a website or social media accounts.

But now it’s time for Felicella to retire the restaurant, and himself. He told the Sun his family has no plans to take over, and that Nick’s is done.

So if you want to get your last taste of Nick’s veal cutlets, Italian sausage, baked lasagna, ravioli, and more, get in before December 21.

Nick’s Spaghetti House is located at 631 Commercial Drive.