This new weed business mag isn’t meant for those who smoke the sticky icky


A new publication was just launched out of the Glacier Media office we inhabit in Mt Pleasant: CannaBiz!

It’s a weed magazine with a different angle than most as it’s not squarely aimed at people who smoke the stuff. It’s aimed at those interested in the business end up of and it highlights different (legal) opportunities that have arisen, and will be coming, because of the impending legalization of the drug’s recreational use in Canada.

As an entrepreneur who doesn’t smoke pot I ate the thing up, reading it from cover to cover in one sitting not because I’m proud of what our colleagues have released (I am!) but because I’m genuinely interested in the content. It features insight from a number of different business leaders who forging a new path, sharing their stories and what they’ve learned in this “budding” new industry. Its pages left me informed, inspired to dip my toes into the pool, and looking forward to seeing future issues.

If you get Business In Vancouver you’ll receive a free printed copy of it in there this week, or you can download one for free HERE.

CannaBiz editor Glen Korstrom going over the proofs for Issue 1