The exclusive dating app that weeds out duds so you don’t have to


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The 2016 census says there are roughly 631,486 people living in Vancouver, so why is dating so hard?

All too often you notice a friend settling for someone who they aren’t compatible with or matching with someone who just isn’t in the same league. When it comes to dating in Vancouver, singles often feel as though they have to set aside their priorities and standards, no matter how important they are.

Luckily, something special is changing the way people date in Vancouver.

The Inner Circle is an exclusive app that collects a roster of talented, good-looking people who can meet people’s standards. Those who make it onto the app tend to be ambitious and successful so you don’t have to settle for the wrong person.

There are several benefits of using the app, so we’ve compiled a list of the amazing things you can expect by signing up.

Special events

It’s one thing to meet someone on an app, but it’s another to get to meet them in person straight off the bat. The Inner Circle plans events for its members to mingle with each other, increasing users’ chances of meeting the perfect match.


Not just anyone can access The Inner Circle, and that’s because it selects people based on a number of different factors. This helps to weed out people who aren’t right, helping you to spend less time finding a person you actually like. The principle behind all of this is quality over quantity.

Meet people in other cities

This app doesn’t limit you to meeting people in just one area. If you’re a jet setter or on a vacation, you can easily link up with locals since The Inner Circle is located in several cities around the world. Better yet, you won’t be choosing from a pool of lacklustre people since they’re more likely to have interests that are similar to yours.

Better dates

No longer do you have to spend time agonizing over where to go for your date. And that’s because The Inner Circle helps you find other users who enjoy going to the same places. Whether it’s a sushi restaurant or a concert, you can go to a place that you BOTH love.

So for a chance to meet other switched on and up-for-fun singles, register for The Inner Circle for free today.