Sorry, Vancouver, we won’t have a white Christmas this year


Snow at Christmas/Shutterstock

Dreaming of a white Christmas in Vancouver? Keep dreaming.

The Weather Network’s 14-day forecast takes us to Christmas Day and beyond, and while we’ll likely have some rainy days between now and the third week of December, things are shaping up to be cold, clear, and sunny.

Definitely not white and snowy:

vancouver christmas weather
Screenshot/The Weather Network

For the last couple of years Vancouver has been closer to a snowy Christmas than we will be in 2017, but ultimately things ended up wet and cloudy.

Of course, longtime locals won’t be surprised to hear this. Metro Vancouver has only seen snow on Christmas a half-dozen times since 1947. The last time Vancouver had snow was on Christmas Eve in 2008, during a month of record snowfall.

Looks like for 2017 the closest we’ll get to a white Christmas in Vancouver is when we stream the old Bing Crosby song of the same name.