Artists are painting tiny houses to protest Kinder Morgan pipeline


“We, the Secwepemc, have never ceded, surrendered, or given up our sovereign title and rights over the land”.

Photo: Tiny House Warriors Facebook

At the end of November, Tiny House Warriors constructed their latest small home along the 518km TransMountain pipeline route. A total of ten houses will be strategically placed along the same path, providing homes for Secwepemc families in need, while also protesting the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline’s crossing into unceded Secwepemc territory.

“By building these Tiny Houses, we are asserting our collective Secwepemc responsibility and jurisdiction to our lands and waters,” reads the Tine House Warriors website. “Each tiny house will provide housing to Secwepemc families facing a housing crisis due to deliberate colonial impoverishment.”

Each Tiny House Warriors home feature a mural by a different artist and will eventually be installed with off-the-grid solar power. The first Tiny House Warrior home was built in September at Neskonlith (near Kamloops).

Ultimately, the homes are about asserting Secwepemc jurisdiction and law. The Secwepemcul’ecw Assembly’s website point out that they “hold title and governance regarding Secwepemcul’ecw and the collective consent of the Secwepemc is required for any access to our lands, waters and resources.”

To learn more about the project, visit the Tiny House Warriors website HERE.