Car crash survivor searching for kind strangers who came to his aid

One helper unwrapped a Christmas gift blanket for the crash victim


A car accident in Surrey this week ended without fatalities, but one survivor and his family is hoping to find the kind strangers who stopped at the scene to lend a hand.

According to a Facebook post, relative Karen Nixon says the accident took place at around 2:30 pm on Tuesday, December 19 in Surrey. Nixon’s family member’s vehicle was t-boned at an intersection.

surrey car crash blanket
Karen Nixon/Facebook

In the accident aftermath, a stranger offered the victim–identified by Nixon as a man named Allen–help, and even went so far as to remove the gift wrap from a blanket that was going to be a Christmas present. Nixon says a second good samaritan stayed at the scene with a witness.

Now the family has a special request: “We would really like to find these people and thank them as well as either replace the blanket or return it. Could you please circulate these photos and help me find these wonderful people?”

surrey car crash blanket
Karen Nixon/Facebook

If anyone can be of assistance, contact Nixon via Facebook or the Surrey RCMP.

Allen, adds, Nixon, is doing well, albeit a little sore.