Vancouver Is Awesome: Our top 10 videos of the year


Our year-end countdown continues…

From the curse of Fernie to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s love-letter to Vancouver, here are our top videos of the year.

10. 3 Vets closes up shop 

Beloved outdoor store 3 VETS gets ready to call it a day after 70 years in business. The Vancouver Courier Newspaper pays the store and its owners, Jerry and Keith Wolfman, a heartfelt visit during the shop’s final days.

9. Subaru For Sale – 3 Hub Caps 

Here’s how you sell a 1998 Subaru (it sold in about 10 minutes).

8. Vancouver Hyperlapse – Etienne Rheaume

Spectacular hyperlapse of our city! Shot by Etienne Rheaume after shooting 100,000 images. See more work at 604 Scans – Digital Design/Video/Photo and

7. Sugar Hill tent city confrontation 

At a rally organized by the Alliance Against Displacement today, a cyclist got into a verbal and physical confrontation with opponents of the eviction of Sugar Mountain tent city residents in East Vancouver. Read the full story HERE.

6. Can You Speak British Columbian? 

Did you know that B.C. has its own language? Chinook Wawa!

5. Trees Getting Lit Up by Dynamite

So sometimes when they fall trees in BC they use dynamite. Crazy!
If you’ve been to Tofino you’ve driven through the forest in this clip. Video by Zac Whyte. If you maybe need a tree dynamited contact Dazy at

4. The Cursed Town – BC Was Awesome 

Ever hear of the curse of Fernie, BC? Here’s the real story. This is segment 2 from Season 2 of our history TV show, BC Was Awesome! You can also watch the full series on TELUS Optik or stream them online HERE.

3. 1909 film of Vancouver, shot by William Barbeck

The oldest known film of Vancouver via Rhett Rowe.

2. Canuck & I (Documentary)

Vancouver’s favourite crow got his own documentary! Enjoy Canuck and I!

1. The Rock Loves Vancouver

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is in Vancouver! In this instagram video he professes his love for our city and shares a cool story about his time in the CFL, as well as some inspirational thoughts.