30 things that made Vancouver Awesome this week


Take a break from the news cycle and help us celebrate the things we covered this week that are making Vancouver Awesome with a capital “A.”

December 30, 2017-January 5, 2018

Happy New Year!

Vancouver, December 30, 2017 (Sarah/Flickr)
  1. We absolutely slay with our photo-worthy sunrises.

2. Our fog is actually pretty photogenic, too.

3. This week we released the fifth episode of our V.I.A. podcast. We talked with seismologist Johanna Wagstaffe about earthquake safety in Vancouver.

4. Mark your calendars: Here are 11 delicious food events you can check out this month in Vancouver.

5. Still hungry? We’re anxiously awaiting the opening of a new Mount Pleasant brewery that will have grilled cheese sandwiches to go with their craft brews.

6. But if you are watching your waistline, we can steer you towards these 7 essential Vancouver spots for wicked salads.

7. Or kickstart your day with a healthy breakfast at any of these 5 restaurants.

8. This list of 20 Vancouver fitness studios that offer FREE or cheap intro classes may come in handy.

9. Go treasure-hunting for these 5 Vancouver restaurants that are hidden inside retail stores.

notte's bon ton vancouver
Notte’s Bon Ton Pastry & Confectionery/Facebook

10. From a nearly century-old pub to a Main Street greasy spoon, these are some of the oldest restaurants in Vancouver you can still enjoy.

11. We’ve got legacy businesses on our minds…how about you?

12. Our Neighbourhood Love Series returns with an ode to Mount Pleasant.

13. Geek out! You can now place unlimited holds on materials at the Vancouver Public Library.

14. UBC Library’s Rare Books & Special Collections now has their hands on the oldest printed item issued in Vancouver, and you can see it yourself.

bus tracking map vancouver

15. We are obsessed with this data map that shows all of TransLink’s buses in real-time.

16. Then there’s also this online tool you can use to see how popular your first name is in B.C.

17. “The X-Files” used Vancouver for its backdrop, and the series’ 11th season premiered this week (with festivities).

18. Probably one of the most unusual things we pointed out this week: A severed arm is on a tour of Canada’s churches.

19. Here’s a look at who benefits from the annual St. Paul’s Lights of Hope event.

20. If you live or work on the North Shore, you may be pumped to know you’re finally getting that new Whole Foods you heard about in 2014.

21. A new local opera troupe is staging a “gender-playful” version of a rarely-performed British opera.

22. No kid-ding. This Vancouver-based Instagram account just shares pictures of goats.


23. Vancouver’s cat cafe has found forever homes for nearly 500 cats.

24. Michelle Obama will be giving a talk in Vancouver soon.

25. A local app company acquired by Apple plans to stay in Vancouver.

26. The Vancouver design school named for lululemon founder Chip Wilson opened this week.

27. Check out these coffee-tea hybrid drinks a local company is seeking crowdfunding for.

28. Need an awesome way to hit your goals this year? Write ’em down.

29. Here’s a goal: Live to 100 and when you get to that special birthday, celebrate at a Vancouver craft brewery.

30. For further reading: 25 most popular V.I.A. stories of 2017.

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