Mount St. Helens tweets “I’M BACK BITCHES” after 40 earthquakes occur


Mount St. Helens in Washington state. Photo Shutterstock

It’s been brought to our attention that several mountains south of the border have been actively squabbling over the past few days.

It all erupted when Forbes published an article about there being 40 earthquakes in its vicinity since January 1st, sparking a closer look at what the heck’s going on down there.

Here’s what Mount St. Helens had to say about that:

This tweet was followed up by jabs from @MtBakerWA, @MountRainierWA and even @LakeSuperior (yes, a lake).

It’s all part of a Twitter beef that’s been simmering since November when Mt Baker lost its cool.

Our local volcano, Mount Garibaldi near Squamish, has so far been dormant, not piping up to participate because it doesn’t have a Twitter account… yet. And our local ski hills (@Mt_Seymour, @GrouseMountain and @CypressMtn) are too polite and Canadian to dip their toes into this fiery conversation.

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