Hot Tub Cinema is coming to town with booze-filled tubs and film screenings


An Australia-based group is putting together an interesting event that’s coming to Vancouver in May of 2018. Basically the idea seems to be that you get drunk in a hot tub and watch a movie with your friends, amongst other people who are doing the same thing in adjacent hot tubs.

Hot Tub Cinema will be opening up 20 hot tubs in a to-be-determined venue in the city, each filled with 5 people each over 6 nights. That’s 600 people enjoying a film in hot water, drinking beverages.

The films have yet to be announced but we’d be surprised if the short list doesn’t include Leaving Las Vegas, Hot Tub Time Machine and The Hangover series.

We’ll fill you in with more details when we get them. For now you can sign up for pre-release tickets at