New Year, New Brows: Eyebrow microblading hits Vancouver

Written by Noa Nichol


We used to walk around thinking we were the only ones without perfect eyebrows. Not so. While a few lucky plucks out there are naturally gifted in the brow department, most gals (and, it turns out, many guys, too) have achieved model-esque perfection thanks to a technique known as microblading: a form of semi-permanent tattooing that can help virtually anyone achieve eyebrow nirvana. We recently put ourselves (and our poor, over-plucked ’90s brows) in the expert hands of Vancouver-based B for Brows esthetician Brenda—and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

Photo: B for Brows

We were, admittedly, nervous walking up to Brenda’s Slocan Street studio but, once settled into her pretty-in-pink workspace, felt instantly reassured by her warm, calm demeanour and clear know-how. A certified cosmetic tattoo artist, Brenda is a lifelong lover of beauty who’s applied her passion (and penchant for detail) to microblading; in her own words, “I truly believe eyebrows can change your life.” After asking us a series of questions to discover what result we were after (and having us complete the necessary paperwork), Brenda got down to business—brow business. Using a special measuring tool, she took careful note of our facial features to determine what would look most natural-slash-appealing and then, with a single-use sterile needle blade, began to deposit a specially-chosen-for-us colour pigment into the upper layer of our skin using small, careful strokes for a real-hair effect.

Photo: B for Brows

Now, we’re not going to lie: it was a bit painful. Fortunately, Brenda was honest and up front with us about what we might feel during the procedure, so it did not come as a shock (she offers pink stress balls to squeeze on, to boot). Soothing music in the background also helped, as did the knowledge that we would soon sit up to see a transformation we’d been praying to, somehow, experience for years. Indeed, when Brenda was finished and held up a hand mirror, we nearly cried tears of joy: our once razor-thin brows appeared naturally full and dark, with perfect proportions and a to-die-for arch. After explaining how to care for our new beauties (and outlining what we could expect to see, healing wise, over the next 10 days), Brenda handed us a care package of soothing coconut-oil-based ointment and sent us on our merry way (we’d be back in six or so weeks for our free touch up), rocking eyebrows we’d only dared dream of one day possessing.

Photo: Upsplash

The best part? Our new brows will last anywhere from one to three years (Brenda’s tip: sunscreen, applied directly, can help ’em linger longer). So, goodbye eyebrow paints and pencils, hello full, fluffy, fabulous (not to mention, good-as-or-better-than natural) brows. Brenda, you’re our microblading eyebrows Vancouver miracle-worker. 

B for Brows, 4889 Slocan St., Vancouver, 604-715-2846,

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