You can now take a nap in a birdhouse “pod” inside this store


If shopping in downtown has you feeling a little weary, a new option for taking a little siesta has cropped up: Nap pods.

Photo courtesy Casper

As part of an intriguing promo for retailer Indigo adding Casper pillows to their inventory, their Granville Street shop will temporarily house a Casper “nap pod” for customers to try out.

The location is one of seven in the bookseller’s chain to offer the pop-up nap pods, which contain a Casper mattress and are “cleverly disguised as birdhouses.”

casper nap pod indigo
Need a little shut-eye? (Photo courtesy Casper)

While we are all in favour of random moments of comfy napping, this promo happening in this particular location does seem a little uncomfy, in light of the homeless population on Granville Street and in Vancouver in general. It’s not clear if or how Indigo will monitor the nap pod for “fair use” or if shoppers will show restraint.

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