Shark found washed up on Delta beach

Sandor Gyarmati - Delta Optimist


It isn’t Sharknado but it was a pretty cool discovery for local resident Tami Ryder.

While out for a walk at Centennial Beach today she came across something that she had never seen wash up before. The dead creature appears to be a shark.

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Ryder, who called the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to report the finding, said her husband is a diver and took immediate interest, looking up the various types of sharks that are in B.C. waters. They believe what she found may be a sixgill shark.

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The DFO notes the dogfish is the most common of the 14 species of sharks documented in B.C. waters. It’s also the province’s most widely utilized fish and its meat is sold to European markets, while its fins are used in Asian shark-fin soup.

The biggest in B.C. waters are basking sharks that live along the surface and are considered filter feeders. The second largest fish in the ocean, basking sharks are considered endangered and there’s been only a few sightings in recent years.

UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries predicted great whites and more species could become sighted more often in B.C. waters due to climate change.

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