These 8 B.C. cities are among the 20 most romantic in Canada


Lovebirds, your may want to wing your way to the Canadian cities and towns recently named the “Most Romantic in Canada.” The west-favouring list of 20 destinations includes an impressive eight in beautiful British Columbia.


The ranking comes from Amazon Canada, who used sales data from all of 2017 on items like romance novels (both print and Kindle editions), romantic comedies, relationship books, jewellery and sexual wellness products. It’s a data set that may not necessarily point to romance in its purest form, but certainly shows a focus on fulfillment that ranges from loneliness to despair, with a little hanky panky in between.

Of Victoria, the top most romantic spot, Amazon Canada says the B.C. capital city also came in “number one in the categories of relationship books, romance books and romantic comedies.” Awww, you cuties.

The other B.C. spots making the list are Abbotsford, Courtenay, North Vancouver, Surrey, Nanaimo, Prince George, and Vernon. Who knows why Vancouver didn’t rank–maybe we can’t afford to spend extra money on books and intimate massage oils.

This year, the Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in Canada are:

  1. Victoria, British Columbia
  2. Abbotsford, British Columbia
  3. WhitehorseYukon (new)
  4. Courtenay, British Columbia (new)
  5. Fort McMurray, Alberta (new)
  6. Spruce Grove, Alberta (new)
  7. North Vancouver, British Columbia
  8. Sherwood Park, Alberta (new)
  9. Surrey, British Columbia (new)
  10. Nanaimo, British Columbia
  11. Lasalle, Quebec (new)
  12. Waterloo, Ontario
  13. Prince George, British Columbia
  14. La Prairie, Quebec (new)
  15. Grande Prairie, Alberta
  16. Airdrie, Alberta (new)
  17. Welland, Ontario (new)
  18. Vernon, British Columbia (new)
  19. North Bay, Ontario
  20. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (new)