B.C. changes Family Day date


Starting in 2019 B.C.’s Family Day will fall on the third Monday of February.

It’s a move some in the province have been calling for since Family Day was established in 2013.

Starting next year B.C.’s Family Day holiday will be moved to the third week in February to line up with similar holidays in other provinces and the U.S.

“Moving Family Day is the right thing to do for businesses small and large, and is better for families who may be spread out across the country,” Premier John Horgan said in a press release Friday afternoon.

“This gives families an opportunity to schedule and spend more time with loved ones from other provinces.”

B.C. adopted the holiday in 2013 and the government of the day decided to make it the second Monday in February. Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan celebrate Family Day on the third Monday of February, which is also Islander Day on Prince Edward Island and Louis Riel Day in Manitoba. It’s also Presidents’ Day in the U.S.

“The misalignment of Family Day causes inconvenience, increase costs, and list opportunity for businesses of all sizes and in various industries,” said Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade. “The economic benefit from this change will greatly assist our members, and especially small- and medium-sized businesses across the province.”

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