What’s Happening This Weekend: Pre-Valentine’s day fun!

Whats happening this weekend: From Pre-Valentine's day events to VIMFF, lets all enjoy the long weekend ahead.


This weekend we have some truly fantastic events happening around Vancouver, however we want to spice things up a bit , each this week the team has decided to choose a few different themes occurring around Vancouver and pick the best ones to give you a truly unique weekend experience, with this weekend we of course have Valentines day coming up, you can expect things to heat up very quickly, but that’s not all, we have the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Kicking off on the 10th and we have something special for this Fridays entertainment, read below to find out!


To kick things off there will be a fantastic showcase of entertaining and heart warming movie classics playing in various theaters in Vancouver, so why not make this Friday your movie night and check out these fantastic features.

Killer of Sheep
Fri Feb 9 at the Cinematique
Often described as a the film version of a mosaic art piece, Killer of Sheep is a deep and thoughtful master piece, depicting the story of a middle class African american’s journey through every day life. The collection of short prints that make up the film take you on a collective journey one that you cannot miss, taking you down an emotional path of laughter and sorrow.

The Princess Bride
Fri Feb 9 at the Rio
A film most famous for two things, the first being an incredible tale of revenge and retribution and the second is of course that famous line. “Inigo Montoya” will forever go down in our hearts as the charming fencer with the skills of a master and the cunning to match any rascal.

The Room
Fri Feb 9 at the Rio
A movie so bad its often been called the “citizen Kane” of bad movies. The room, is the passion project of Eccentric Hollywood director Tommy wiseau, full of horrible one liners, bad dialogue, hilarious acting, and enough pot holes to shame Swiss cheese. If your having a bad week, need some humor to brighten up you up, or if your just a fan of the legendary Tommy Wiseau, then do not miss this chance to see his masterpiece on the big screen.


With Valentines day landing on a weekday this year, some people just don’t have the time to celebrate love and romance with all that’s going on around them in their day-to-day lives , instead why not have a fantastic pre-valentines day celebration with your loved ones this weekend where you have the time and energy to make it truly special for your loved ones.


Molly’s Comedy Cabaret -The Valentines Show
Fri 9 at the XYYVR
Need something to do for Valentines day, why not check out the fantastice vocal range of Molly Wilson at the XYYVR this Friday, with guest star Barry Anderson and Amy Dauer, come and laugh and smile as you sing along to the infectious and beautiful melody that is Mollys Voice, perfect if your coming alone, with your loved one (or the one youd like to see naked!).

Flapper Trapper
Sat 10 at the Waldorf
This weekend lets take a trip down memory lane, the swing movement is back party people, for one night only, a special pre-valentines day bash with the Waldorf, where swing meets electro synths to give off a truly unique experience, so put on your dance shoes, and lets all party retro style.

80’S vs 90’s – Valentine’s Prom Party
Sat 10 at the Fox
A little blast from the past, Fox has decided to bring back the classic 80’s prom night vibe, with balloons, streamers, corsages and of course the classic punch bowl (spiked of course), lets all re-live our best moments in High School(only with no teachers and lots more booze) and let loose our long forgotten inner teen, who knows you and your beloved might be crowned King and Queen of the prom, now isn’t that exciting.

My Funny Valentine
Sat 10 at the Dance Centre
A true masterpiece of a play, “My Funny Valentine” tells the tale of the tragic murder of a 15 year old gay teen by the name of Lawrence King, taking us through the aftermath of the crime, by re accounting the opinions of those involved and the “ripple effect” that inevitably ended up occurring, both emotionally thrilling and personally engaging, “My Funny Valentine” will truly warm your heart and capture your soul.

Cupid Toonie Skate
Bill Copeland Sports Centre
Sat 10 2018
Come enjoy a romantic couples skate at the Bill Copeland Sports Center this Saturday for just a toonie a great and inexpensive way to have a good time with your sweetheart, but that’s not all, you can have “his/her” painted on your face or simply make something sweet and beautiful for your loved ones in their arts and crafts activities, they have it all covered.

A Latin Music Valentine With Jafelin & The Breeze Band
Sat 10 at the Wise Hall
This Valentine’s have a good, simple night out with your loved ones, featuring incredible live latin music by Jafelin & the Breeze Band, come enjoy some sexy percussion’s, funky melodies and energetic groovy beats. Forget all the commercialism and grandeur and enjoy Valentines day the way its meant to be, with good music, lively crowd and your sweetheart on your arm.


Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
Finally throughout the weekend the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival will be be showcasing a number of incredible and jaw-dropping mountain adventure films, stuffed full of beautiful cinematography, beautiful natural wonders and incredible tales of adventure from all over the globe, do not miss the chance to experience what it truly means to be an adventurer.

Have an awesome weekend checking out these shows! You can always head to our Vancouver Events calendar, powered by Do604, for a full list of our recommended things to see and do in Vancouver.