Maybe Scott Moir got drunk at the gold medal hockey game tonight?


Finally I have another figure skating related alcohol story to write about!

In case you missed tonight’s Canada vs USA gold medal hockey game, there were a few wonderful moments showing Scott Moir getting rowdy in the stands.

Most of Canadian Twitter gushed after Moir and Virtue’s gold medal ice dance performance two nights ago, and they went wild again tonight. The feed from Pyeonchang showed Moir yelling at the refs after a penalty call, all the while holding a beer and looking… well… like every other Canadian hockey fan was feeling.

Watch the clip in this GIF below, and notice Patrick Chan looking a little uneasy. HERE is a story about the Chanster getting kicked out of the liquor store near my house, which I have shared a few too many times.

Moir’s hearty outburst inspired an avalanche of tweets including this gem below, and it sparked Twitter to issue a Moments card to celebrate it.

He was also pictured handing out beers to other fans in the stands. The guy is a hero, no question, and it was amazing to see him able to finally enjoy some downtime and show his passion for Team Canada.

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