V.I.A. Podcast Ep 12: Geoff Turner of CBC On Drugs


This week’s guest on the V.I.A. podcast is radio producer and host, Geoff Turner, of CBC’s On Drugs podcast. He shares behind the scenes insight on his show, tells a fantastic story about Tommy Chong in Vancouver and spills what’s in store for their second season which just launched.

Geoff Turner of CBC’s On Drugs

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Show notes for Episode 12:

Part 1:
– Maybe Scott Moir got drunk watching hockey at the Olympics?
– This is the Patrick Chan getting kicked out of the Liquor barn story that is being done to death here.
– Heritage Vancouver has something to say about saving the soon-to-be-demolished building that Pronto restaurant is in.
– In San Francisco they’ve got a legacy business registry that gives businesses cash and other incentives to stay afloat.

Part 2:
– Listen to CBC’s On Drugs Seasons 1 and 2.
– Tommy Chong on As It Happens remembering Sgt. Abe Snidanko.
– Read Aaron Chapman’s book The Last Gang in Town.
– Hilary Black founded the BC Compassion Club in the 90s.

The photo of Tommy Chong referenced in our interview

Part 3:
– Check out Vancouver’s only cemetery.
– Michael Kissinger’s article about what it’s like to lose your home in a land assembly.
– Meet Michelle Yu, now the face of land assembly in Vancouver.
– Join the Courier’s new Let’s Talk Housing Facebook Group.


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