This charity is auctioning off the naming rights to EVERYTHING they own


Megaphone Magazine provides job opportunities and community connection for people who are homeless & low income in Victoria and Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver’s Megaphone Magazine is moving into their own office space, but they need our help. Megaphone’s “Name Our Home” campaign is aiming to raise $6,000 by March 15 to help cover moving costs and make their new HQ more welcoming to low-income and homeless vendors for years to come.

Megaphone publishes a monthly magazine that is sold by homeless and low-income vendors throughout Vancouver and Victoria, BC. Every purchase ($2), of Megaphone Magazine supports job opportunities for people experiencing poverty. In addition to being a good cause, the magazine offers an excellent collection of journalism, storytelling, poetry and culture.

Essentially, Megaphone is offering up the opportunity to name everything (and anything) in their new office. There are many items to choose from and silly names are strongly encouraged.

For everything $300 and over, Megaphone will recognize your contribution with a plaque on the item you purchased featuring your chosen name. For everything below $300, they’ll use a label maker.

Photo: Megaphone Magazine Facebook

UPDATE: Megaphone reached their initial goal of $4,000 in less than five hours. Good work Vancouver!

You can donate to Megaphone’s campaign HERE.

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