You can now get scoop flights at this Vancouver ice cream parlour


Decisions, decisions: When faced with so many tempting ice cream flavours, it’s hard to commit to just one–or even two–in your cup or cone. Enter the ice cream “flight,” which is just like its beer or wine counterpart: Several single scoops of ice cream, presented as a group but able to be spooned separately.

Vancouver’s chic ice cream parlour La Glace has just added ice cream flights to their already-dazzling array of treat options. Order up flights in four or six scoops, with your choice of toppings.

ice cream flights la glace vancouver
La Glace Ice Cream Vancouver/Facebook

It’s not surprising that a spot like La Glace would elevate the ice cream eating game in Vancouver; their Parisian-inspired shop is the dreamy stuff of Instagramming treat-lovers’ dreams, plus they package their ice creams in the most beautiful ceramic jars.

Some of La Glace’s flavours include Creme de la Creme, Chocolate Ganache, Muscadine (milk chocolate, hazelnut, Cointreau), Mint Chocolate, Bananas Foster, and Vegan Coco Pandan. The scoop shop is open Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 10 pm.

Address: 2785 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver