Vancouver lawyers have unleashed a flood of rainbows on Merritt

With files from the Canadian Press


Rainbows are now popping up around Merritt after their city council rejected a rainbow crosswalk on public land proposed by a group of high school students.

Vancouver lawyers Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko stepped up last week to offer their parking lots as an alternative location, receiving wide media exposure (including HERE on V.I.A.).

Kati Spencer, a teacher involved in the project, says she and members of the school’s LGBTQ and Indigenous clubs were initially disappointed and frustrated by council’s move.

But she says community members have since come forward to offer other locations for the colourful symbol of inclusion, including the aforementioned lawyers who offered their parking lots.

A house across the street from the school is now adorned with rainbow curtains, a bakery offered to make rainbow cookies to take to city hall and a local store has a freshly painted rainbow outside.

More to come.

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