Vancouver’s best/worst dating horror stories



If you’re single or simply have single friends, you know that our fair city doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to dating.

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Maybe we’re all just bad at making first impressions or simply can’t think of a better date idea than “walking the seawall”, but Vancouver’s bad dating scene reputation just seems to be getting worse.

We sensed that Vancouver’s singles might enjoy commiserating in each other’s pain, so we teamed up with The Inner Circle and sent a call-out on Valentine’s Day asking for your best (which turned out to be your worst), stories from the world of online dating. We asked and you most certainly delivered…

I met someone through a dating app and they seemed really nice, then they showed up wearing acid wash jeans and a giant fur coat.

 Inner Circle: Maybe a bit much for a first date…

I started up a conversation with one person online, but we never met in real life, now they just send me holiday messages every few weeks. “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s…”, but literally nothing else.

Inner Circle:  That’s great – you’ve got yourself a long term penpal.

One guy got food poisoning and had to spend… A very long time in my bathroom. My apartment is pretty small… Thin walls.

 Inner Circle: On the bright side, at least you’ve broken the sound barrier

A guy took me to trivia night on our first and only date. Trivia is fine if you know about that night’s theme, but I did not. I watched him answer questions about video games and sci-fi for hours. I think he really enjoyed it…

 Inner Circle: Fortunately, nerds are in right now.

This person asked me out and picked a really casual restaurant for our first date. Like, really casual. I thought that was fine but then I got there and they told me they couldn’t afford it and that we had to get $2 pizza across the street.

Inner Circle: Okay, that’s a bit embarrassing, but $2 is an insanely good price for pizza!

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